Hi Everyone!!!

First, I want to say thank you for stopping by and looking around. We welcome everyone without any stigma, discrimination or prejudice. You will not find a more welcoming committee than when you come for a tour at our clubhouse. Our clubhouse members enjoy seeing new faces and especially love new members.

PWAP clubhouse members are from various cultures, backgrounds and race. In our Clubhouse we live by this motto, “ITS OUR PLACE TO BELONG TO WITHOUT DISCRIMINATION OR STIGMA”.


a right to a place to come
a right to meaningful work
a right to meaningful relationships
a right to a place to return

This has been a work in progress for nearly 10 years. We have had many downs but the up times have seen us prevail. Because of us remaining tenacious, you are able to view all that is going on at People With A Purpose Clubhouse. Welcome to a dream that has eventually turned into a reality not just for me the Founding Executive Director, but for everyone who will have access to PWAP’s Clubhouse and its resources.

So feel free to email, call, follow us on social media or stop by our wonderful Clubhouse. 🙂