What is a Clubhouse?
A Clubhouse is a local community center where people who participate are known as “Members.” Although not entirely exclusive, membership is open only to people living with a mental illness, typically any local adult resident who has a history of mental illness.

Can anyone become a Clubhouse member?
Yes, typically, if you are an adult living with mental illness (e.g., schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, depression, major personality disorder, etc.), you are eligible for membership.

What is the cost of becoming a Clubhouse member?
Membership at our Clubhouse is free to anyone living with a mental illness.

How much time do I have to spend at the Clubhouse/ Do I have to come everyday?
Membership and participation at a Clubhouse is completely voluntary. Each individual decides how much and how often they wish to be involved.

What activities occur at the Clubhouse?
There are many things to do at our Clubhouse. The different types of activities are divided in to the following categories:

Work Day: includes many projects that are important to Clubhouse members. The work day includes opportunities to do things like clerical and computer work, telephone work, food service, building maintenance and clean up, research, audio visual production projects, newsletter preparation, budget management, Clubhouse administration, member transportation services, mental health advocacy, etc.
An Employment Program: involves how the Clubhouse helps members get and keep paid jobs.
An Education Program: involves how the Clubhouse helps members enroll in and complete education programs, including College and other degree programs.
An Evening, Weekend and Holiday Social and Recreational Program: includes activities where Clubhouse members and staff have fun together and build friendships.

Can the Clubhouse provide me with a place to live?
No one lives at the Clubhouse, but the Clubhouse makes certain that members have safe, decent and affordable homes.

Must I work? If so, do I get paid for it?
No members are required to work. However, most members help out sooner or later because of all that has to be done to maintain the Clubhouse. Members are not paid for the volunteer work they do at the Clubhouse, but any member who wants or needs to have paid employment can find help gaining and keeping a paid job through the Clubhouse’s employment programs.

Are meals served at the Clubhouse?
Yes, all meals are free. Members are served breakfast, lunch, and two snacks during course of the day.

Is transportation provided by the Clubhouse?
At this time the Clubhouse does not have its own vehicle available for transportation. However, a staff member is available to assist members with scheduling Medicaid transportation.

Is smoking allowed in the Clubhouse?
No. There is an area designated for smoking, please ask a staff member for the respective area before choosing to smoke at the Clubhouse.